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Lite Onboarding is a system responsible for managing employees and onboarding new employees. This project was on a tight deadline and was to be completed in a month, I was responsible for the UI and UX design for the whole product*, designing approximately 30+ new screens and their landing page.


- UX and UI designer


- High fidelity screen designs
- Landing pages
- Email designs


- Figma

*Because of Non-Disclosure Agreement, I am only able to show designs from employee onboarding section.

Process and stakeholder

Stakeholders I have worked with were:
  • A Developer
  • 2 Product Managers
  • External stakeholders who were a part of and co-founded the project

The problem

Only 90%

of existing users on the platform filled in all their personal and financial details before the first day of work, the goal is to bump this up to 100%

The previous onboarding system was also not responsive and the UI and UX needed a refresh. The client also wanted new brand colours for the system.

Technical considerations

Working closely with the a developer of the team, I had to follow a design framework, which was for the whole of the design process.
Desk research

Heuristics analysis


I have then generated new designs responding to these heuristic problems, and while following the design system, refreshed the colour palette of the screens.

From multi column to single column

Research have shown users complete single column forms (in average 15.4 seconds) faster than multi column forms. I have removed this to a single column form.
I have used the colour purple as a background colour, giving differentiation between green checkboxes and buttons on the form

Mobile responsiveness

It was reported many employees used mobile to complete their forms so mobile responsiveness with consideration to usability was crucial.
I have designed a sticky call-to-action bar so users would don't have to scroll down to find the button if they ever scrolled up to change information.


  • Working on a tight deadline - I had to hand in my designs for development in 4 weeks, where I was only working 2 days a week. Designing UI for the whole portal, landing page, emails and forms was hectic, but was possible as I organize my time wisely and reuse components.
  • Designing for users of different target groups - For the rest of this project, I was asked to design a portal for employee and employers. These were audiences of different age groups. The employee portal were used by mainly young people. Therefore, I was asked to design a more fun looking UI, in opposed to the employee portals, where ease of reading large amounts of information was the priority.
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